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Adjust-double Seat Mount
All aluminum seat mount.  Pivots to 90 degrees, allows seat to be rotated out of the way
while driving the boat.  Breaks down for storage.  Length is measured from seat post
center to seat post center, allow an
extra 8 inches for overall length on the deck.
Official Double Seat System of the Crappie USA Tournament Trail    
Adjust-Double Seat Mount
Seats are not included.  
Sorry, we don't sell seats or umbrellas.
Double seat with the works
Adjustable double seat mount with "the works" includes
umbrella holder and no drill rod mounting system
Available below with umbrella holder or no drill set up
combo as seen to the left side of the web page.
Adjust-Double Seat with all options
Does not include umbrella.  
Rod holders for No Drill Mount must be
ordered separately.  
Please watch below to learn more about the adjustable double
seat.  This video should answer some frequently asked
questions regarding sizes and assembly.
with Umbrella Holder
with No Drill Mount
**Double seat is shipped standard with 3/4" pedestals.  Ranger, Lund and other 1.77 or 2 3/8 size
boat owners---please call when ordering if you want to use your standard seats.  We will need
additional info regarding your boat seats to match pedestals.