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Rod Holders. 3 different styles are available, please select type when ordering: 360, Cumberland, or Green River.
All T-bars are adjustable in heigth and direction.
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Basic Spider Rig Package "PLUS"
This rod holder package includes two complete T-bars with rod holders
plus 2 extra mounting bases for additional locations in your
4" base
(extra bases available on
accessory page)
base with T-bar inserted
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4 rod Cumberland
4 rod Green River rod holders
2 Rod Holder
Rod Holder Type
2 Rod Holders
4 Rod Holders
3 Rod Holders
3 Rod Holder
Rod Holder Type
4 Rod Holder
Rod Holder Type
Rod Holder set PLUS package
Rod Holder Type
360 rod holders
360 rod
360 rod holders
Cumberland rod holders
Green River rod holders
rod holders
Green River
Rod holder designed to mount on pontoon rails.  Available in 2, 3, 4
rod models with Cumberland, Green River or 360 style rod holders.
Shown mounted on a swingbar for photos only, not included.
Pontoon Rod Holders
Pontoon Rod Holders
Rod Holder Type
Trolling rack for back of the boat.  
$620 as s
hown with all options.
66 inch maximum width
Rear Trolling Rack
Overall width
Rod holder type, 360-Cumb-GreR